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The Top 5 Doctors who Killed their Patients

Don’t trust your doctor has been my tag line for may years now.  Just because they have the letters, ‘MD’ after their name, doesn’t make them a god; it simply makes them people with degrees.  Don’t confuse smart with professionalism, trust worthy or ethical.

Long Island Doctor Arrested For Selling Prescriptions For Narcotic Drugs

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Defendant Sold Prescriptions For Powerful, Addictive Painkillers Without Performing Required Examinations Of Patients

Schneiderman: Doctor’s Action An Unconscionable Violation Of Professional Duties

NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced the arrest of Long Island Internist Dr. Anand Persaud, who is accused of illegally selling prescriptions for the narcotic medication oxycodone. The arrest occurred after investigators from the New York State Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit executed a search warrant at Persaud’s medical offices located at 1019 Atlantic Avenue in Baldwin and 173-25 Jamaica Avenue in Queens.

Persaud was arrested at his Baldwin office and is expected to be arraigned in Nassau County District Court in Hempstead. A felony complaint filed today charges Persaud, age 44, with two counts of Criminal Sale of a Prescription for a Controlled Substance, a class C felony. If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

“It’s unconscionable that a doctor, a trusted licensed professional, would violate his professional duties and abuse his license to traffic in prescriptions for narcotics,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “My office will hold accountable those who contribute to the growth of the prescription drug abuse epidemic in New York State.”

Persaud is charged with selling a prescription for oxycodone without providing medical documentation or conducting a medical examination of his patient on both November 13, 2012 and March 19th, 2013. New York State law prohibits physicians from prescribing controlled substances, such as oxycodone, other than in good faith in the course of their professional practice. Oxycodone is one of a number of highly addictive opiates classified as Schedule II-(b) controlled substances. Under New York State Penal Law, Scheduled II-(b) controlled substances are considered narcotic drugs.

Persaud maintained a two-tiered practice. He had “medical” patients, those with regular medical issues, who were charged $110 for an office visit, and “pain management” patients, drug users and addicts, who were charged $250 or more for an office visit that included a prescription for a controlled substance. On both dates in question, Persaud charged a patient $250 or more to receive a prescription for oxycodone. Persaud did not conduct a physical examination of either patient or even question them about their need for the medication.

Both patients were Medicaid recipients eligible for no-cost medical care from Persaud who is an enrolled Medicaid provider. By enrolling in the State’s Medicaid program, a provider agrees to accept payment from Medicaid as payment in full for all care, services and supplies billed under the program, except where specifically provided in law to the contrary (18 NYCRR §504.3(c)). The patients in question presented themselves to Persaud as Medicaid recipients.

In Nassau and Suffolk Counties, admissions to drug treatment that involve opiates have increased 57 percent and 40 percent, respectively, for crisis admissions from 2007 to 2010. Non-crisis admissions have shockingly increased almost 70 percent in Nassau over the same time period. Since 2006, oxycodone has contributed to more deaths than any other prescription opioid in Nassau County, and prescriptions for the drug increased 42 percent from 2008 to 2010.

In June 2012, the New York State Legislature unanimously passed Attorney General Schneiderman’s Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing Act, or I-STOP; it was signed into law on August 27, 2012. On August 27th of next month, one of the key components to the plan will take effect: doctors will be required to consult a real-time database of their patients’ prescription drug history before prescribing controlled substances like oxycodone.

I-STOP will make New York the first state in the nation with such a requirement. The system will also eliminate most paper prescriptions by August 2014. It will make it harder for dirty doctors to fuel the black market in prescription drugs and will make it next to impossible for addicts and drug peddlers to go “doctor shopping” to get their pills.

“With I-STOP, we are creating a national model for smart, coordinate communication between health care providers and pharmacists to better serve patients, stop prescription drug trafficking and provide treatment to those who need help,” said Attorney General Schneiderman.

The Attorney General’s investigation of Persaud is ongoing.

Attorney General Schneiderman thanked the Rockville Centre Police Department, and in particular, Commissioner Charles Gennario, Lieutenant James Vafeades and Detective Frank Marino, for their assistance in this investigation.

The charges against the defendants are accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

The investigation was conducted by Investigators Steven Broomer and Thomas Dowd and Special Auditor Investigator Joshua Berry who are supervised by Supervising Investigator Thomas Burke, Chief Investigator Thaddeus Fisher, Supervising Special Auditor Investigator Emmanuel Archer and Regional Chief Auditor Thomasina Smith.

The criminal case is being prosecuted by Special Assistant Attorney General Crystal Barrow of the Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, under the supervision of Regional Director Christopher M. Shaw, and Chief of Criminal Investigations Thomas O’Hanlon, under the overall supervision of MFCU Special Deputy Attorney General Monica Hickey-Martin and Executive Deputy Attorney General for Criminal Justice Kelly Donovan.


Prescription Painkiller Overdoses

Prescription Painkiller Overdoses

A growing epidemic, especially among women

July 2013


A woman's silhouette

Pill bottle48,000                                                                                                                     Nearly 48,000 women died of prescription painkiller* overdoses between 1999 and 2010.

Woman shape with an upward pointing arrow400% Deaths from prescription painkiller overdoses among women have increased more than 400% since 1999, compared to 265% among men.

Emergency department30                                                                                                                                For every woman who dies of a prescription painkiller overdose, 30 go to the emergency department for painkiller misuse or abuse.

About 18 women die every day of a prescription painkiller overdose in the US, more than 6,600 deaths in 2010. Prescription painkiller overdoses are an under-recognized and growing problem for women.

Although men are still more likely to die of prescription painkiller overdoses (more than 10,000 deaths in 2010), the gap between men and women is closing. Deaths from prescription painkiller overdose among women have risen more sharply than among men; since 1999 the percentage increase in deaths was more than 400% among women compared to 265% in men. This rise relates closely to increased prescribing of these drugs during the past decade. Health care providers can help improve the way painkillers are prescribed while making sure women have access to safe, effective pain treatment.

When prescribing painkillers, health care providers can

  • Recognize that women are at risk of prescription painkiller overdose.
  • Follow guidelines for responsible prescribing, including screening and monitoring for substance abuse and mental health problems.
  • Use prescription drug monitoring programs to identify patients who may be improperly obtaining or using prescription painkillers and other drugs.

*”Prescription painkillers” refers to opioid or narcotic pain relievers, including drugs such as Vicodin (hydrocodone), OxyContin (oxycodone), Opana (oxymorphone), and methadone. Now, Zohydro.

Problem expanded

Prescription painkiller overdoses are a serious and growing problem among women.

  • More than 5 times as many women died from prescription painkiller overdoses in 2010 as in 1999.
  • Women between the ages of 25 and 54 are more likely than other age groups to go to the emergency department from prescription painkiller misuse or abuse. Women ages 45 to 54 have the highest risk of dying from a prescription painkiller overdose.*
  • Non-Hispanic white and American Indian or Alaska Native women have the highest risk of dying from a prescription painkiller overdose.
  • Prescription painkillers are involved in 1 in 10 suicides among women.

*Death data include unintentional, suicide, and other deaths. Emergency department visits only include suicide attempts if an illicit drug was involved in the attempt.

The prescription painkiller problem affects women in different ways than men.

  • Women are more likely to have chronic pain, be prescribed prescription painkillers, be given higher doses, and use them for longer time periods than men.
  • Women may become dependent on prescription painkillers more quickly than men.
  • Women may be more likely than men to engage in “doctor shopping” (obtaining prescriptions from multiple prescribers).
  • Abuse of prescription painkillers by pregnant women can put an infant at risk. Cases of neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS)—which is a group of problems that can occur in newborns exposed to prescription painkillers or other drugs while in the womb—grew by almost 300% in the US between 2000 and 2009.

If you take mental health drugs and prescription painkillers, discuss the combination with your health care provider.

Prescription painkiller overdose deaths are a growing problem among women.

SOURCE: National Vital Statistics System, 1999-2010 (deaths include suicides)

Drug overdose deaths among women, by select drug class, United States, 2004-2010. Data from National Vital Statistics System.

opioids benzodiazepines antidepressants heroin cocaine
1999 1287 420 926 306 850
2000 1534 480 984 279 843
2001 1969 614 1009 313 957
2002 2761 763 1318 359 1143
2003 3173 885 1384 358 1322
2004 3758 1079 1549 341 1405
2005 4188 1209 1575 389 1620
2006 5058 1472 1819 344 1860
2007 5630 1894 1958 399 1665
2008 5733 2046 2047 551 1322
2009 6213 2281 2133 577 1141
2010 6631 2579 2204 584 113

Every 3 minutes, a woman goes to the emergency department for prescription painkiller misuse or abuse.

Every 3 minutes, a woman goes to the emergency department for prescription painkiller misuse or abuse.

Women between the ages of 25 and 54 are most likely to go to the emergency department because of prescription painkiller misuse or abuse.

In 2010:

  • Women younger than 18 years old, had 5,351 emergency department visits per 100,000 persons
  • Women 18-24 years old had 30,719 emergency department visits per 100,000 persons
  • Women 25-34 years old had 47,246 emergency department visits per 100,000 persons
  • Women 35-44 years old had 41,558 emergency department visits per 100,000 persons
  • Women 45-54 years old had 43,860 emergency department visits per 100,000 persons
  • Women 55-64 years old had 19,761 emergency department visits per 100,000 persons
  • Women 65 years and older had 14,922 emergency department visits per 100,000 persons

The data come from the Drug Abuse Warning Network.


Trading Money for Mayhem: Anti-depressants’ Deadly Effects on America

The article below was taken from HERE.

I am Ann Blake Tracy, author of Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare. Since early 1990 I have devoted every minute of my life to researching and writing about the SSRI antidepressant drugs. Since 1992 I have been testifying as an expert court witness on their adverse effects. I also head an international organization, the International Coalition for Drug Awareness (, designed to educate the medical profession, patients, government authorities and others about these adverse effects and their impact upon our society. To see a full bio of who I am and what I have been doing over the past two plus decades you can go to

In the beginning I had NO idea the overwhelming opposition I would face in my attempt to point out the obvious faults in the hypothesis behind these new antidepressants. I quickly learned that opposition was due to the massive amount of income produced by this group of drugs. But when I saw the damaging results I have seen from these drugs upon our society, I was determined to help save the lives of so many that are being needlessly lost. So concerned was I about the violence we were seeing in women and children I called the NRA and asked them to help me warn of the dangers of these drugs telling them that in the end these drugs would be the means by which enough violence would be produced that there would be a call to take America’s guns. Two decades later that is exactly where we are. Once you understand the science behind the drugs you will be able to see that such a prediction was only simple deduction.

Most important to learn is that SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) antidepressants are the most similar drugs to LSD and PCP– long known to produce indescribable violence, we have ever seen. Yet LSD, was patented in 1956 by Eli Lilly, the makers of Prozac which was the first of these SSRI antidepressants to be produced. They marketed LSD as a cure for mental illness and alcoholism and as an aid in psychoanalysis even though initially LSD was introduced by Sandoz Pharmaceuticals as a way to chemically induce insanity in someone so that scientists could then determine what was the root cause OF insanity.

PCP was introduced by Parke Davis Pharmaceutical and thought to be such a safe and effective prescription drug that it was on the market 7 years before pulling it. Its removal from the market was NOT due to concerns of the AMA or FDA, but at the insistence of law enforcement and judges who were tired of dealing with the violence produced by the drug. In fact over the past decade now scientists have even suggested that Ketamine (Special K), a sister drug to PCP, is the perfect antidepressant … with only one major drawback being the hallucinations/psychosis it produces. Of course since PCP and Ketamine are anesthetics they should know the drugs would stop all feeling, but do we really want a huge portion of society walking around under anesthesia? Yet since these antidepressants are so similar in action that is exactly what we have now.

In the early 2000′s law enforcement began to ask why violence for seemingly NO reason at all was appearing everywhere. And in February of 2004 Sheriff Richard Mack testified before the FDA on this same type of violence being produced as a result of these antidepressants. He ended his comments with: “”Some people don’t have the adverse reaction to these drugs, some do. I learned the same with LSD when I investigated that as an undercover narcotics officer. I can only say that the evidence is mounting over and over [as we investigate]. We cannot, as law enforcement officials, ignore such circumstantial evidence. I doubt very seriously if you could either… I am an advocate for state’s rights and I do believe that if the FDA fails to take action, the state and local authorities will have to.” (Sheriff Mack’s full testimony can be viewed here:

As you look at the following information I believe you will agree that it is time for state and local authorities to take action.

ANTIDEPRESSANTS & SCHOOL VIOLENCE: This is a very long list of school violence/shootings we have documented which have been linked to antidepressant use since 1988 – 67 cases on the list:

A direct link to this list where you can read more on each individual case is at and an entire database of almost 5000 cases like this ending in workplace violence, murder/suicides, etc. is at

Two other videos which you will find extremely enlightening are Corey Baadsgard’s video interview with him and his father about his own experience as the only school shooter I am aware of to talk about what happened, “Why I Took a Gun to School…”

Mark Taylor was the first boy shot at Columbine High School. He took 7 -13 bullets and survived. He became known as the Columbine Miracle Boy. This is Mark’s story about a new nightmare worse than what happened the day he was shot Mark Taylor’s Fight for Columbine.” You will learn about the cause of Columbine which includes Michael Moore stating it was NOT the guns, but the antidepressants that caused Columbine:

Here is Mark’s testimony before the FDA:

For the science behind the violence I would point out that these drugs have suicidal and homicidal ideation listed as side effects. Ideation is not just thoughts of either suicide or homicide. Ideation is ruminating compulsive thoughts or actions resulting in suicide or homicide. Once again I ask why is it okay to have prescription medications on the market known to cause both suicide and homicide? I refer also you to my brief September 2004 FDA testimony. and my 2006 FDA testimony to give you more in depth information on other types of cases these drugs are producing other than school shootings:

Another very serious issue I have been tracking this entire time is the problems in the military with these drugs. Hopefully you noticed the last two mass shootings in the military, the Navy Yard shooting and the Fort Hood shooting were both committed by someone taking antidepressants. Besides that since about 2007 the number of suicides in the military have outnumbered the deaths in battle – a first in our military while young recruits are being told they must take these antidepressants to go into combat. At this point we now have 660 suicides and another 1600 suicide attempts per month! I know the very large majority are being caused by these drugs, but it needs to be documented and then it needs to stop!

It is also important to note that I just testified before the Danish Parliament on the brain damage, endocrine damage and terrible long term withdrawal associated with antidepressants. Critical to understand is that the FDA has issued warnings that ANY abrupt change in dose of an antidepressant (whether increasing or decreasing the dose) can produce suicide, hostility, and/or psychosis. The withdrawal MUST be extremely (months and even years) in order to avoid these deadly effects!

Please feel free to contact me after viewing this information if I can answer any question left unanswered or if I can be of any further assistance.


Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director, International Coalition for Drug Awareness ( &

– See more at:

Electroshock therapy still used in USA – boy tortured with 31 shocks over 7 hours, strapped to table

Electroshock treatment—also known as electro-convulsive therapy (ECT)—and psychosurgery “treatments” are reportedly trying to stage a comeback. Yet, since their inception, these procedures have been dogged by conflict between the ECT psychiatrists who swear by them, and the multitudes of victims and families of victims whose lives have been completely ruined by them.

So who is telling the truth? Anyone who has seen and been sickened by a recording of an actual ECT or psychosurgery procedure knows the answer too well. They have all the marks of physical torture methods that might instead belong in the armory of a KGB (secret police of the former Soviet Union) interrogator, rather than in the inventory of a “medical practitioner.” However, very few people have seen such recordings, including, it would seem, those who legislate their mandatory use—and fewer still have witnessed them firsthand.

Psychiatrists deceptively cloak these procedures with medical legitimacy: the hospital setting, white-coated assistants, anesthetics, muscle paralyzing drugs and sophisticated-looking equipment. The effects of shock treatment are horrific, but the full ramifications are not explained to the patients or families. Worse, when objections are raised, they are overruled.

That those procedures are extremely profitable to psychiatrists and hospitals, while resulting in continued long and expensive psychiatric “care” afterward, guaranteeing future business and income to the psychiatrist, is not mentioned in conversations to convince the unwilling or unsuspecting.

And, as Maria Garcia [not her real name] would attest, if all else fails, psychiatrists will readily resort to coercion or fear to extract “consent” for treatment.

Maria, a middle-aged Hispanic housewife, consulted a psychiatrist after feelings of depression persisted and was prescribed psychiatric drugs. After experiencing uncontrollable body movements—the direct result of drug-induced damage to her nervous system—the psychiatrist recommended ECT. She refused, but when later admitted to the hospital for drug detoxification treatment, ECT was recommended again. Although she resisted, the psychiatrist told her, “Your fears are nothing but Cuban superstitions” and “unless you have these treatments you are going to die.” She was given five shock treatments.

Her husband relates what happened: “As a result of the ECT treatments…my wife’s memory has been greatly impaired….Although she spoke English as a second language for fourty-two years, she has lost most of her ability to speak and understand it….The whole experience has been a deception, a lie, a bully’s punch….Her depression was not cured and her memory is quite defective now…we are both enraged at what has taken place. I feel as if she had been raped right in front of my eyes.”

With literally billions in profits realized from ECT and psychosurgery, there is an appalling level of misinformation about them today, most of it spread by psychiatrists. There are many scientists critical of the procedure.

Dr. John Friedberg, a neurologist who researched the effects of ECT for over thirty years, stated, “It is very hard to put into words just what shock treatment does to people generally.…it destroys people’s ambition, and…their vitality. It makes people rather passive and apathetic.…Besides the amnesia, the apathy and the lack of energy is, in my view, the reason that…[psychiatrists] still get away with giving it.”

Mary Lou Zimmerman understands about losing her ambition and her vitality at the hands of a psychiatrist. In June 2002, a jury ordered the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio to pay $7.5 million (€6 million) to the 62-year-old following a horrific psychosurgery operation. Mrs. Zimmerman had sought treatment for compulsive hand washing after she read glowing reports about the procedure on the clinic’s website. The reality was a nightmare. She was subjected to an operation in which four holes were drilled into her head and sections of her brain, each approximately the size of a marble, were removed. After the ordeal, she found she was unable to walk, stand, eat or use the bathroom by herself. Her attorney, Robert Linton, stated, “She lost everything—except her awareness of how she’s now different.…She is completely disabled and needs full-time care.”

Today, the psychiatric industry in the United States alone takes an estimated $5 billion (€4 billion) from ECT per year. In the US, 65-year-olds receive three hundred and sixty percent more electroshock than 64-year-olds, since Medicare (government health insurance) takes effect at age 65, evidence that the use of ECT is guided, not by medical compassion, but by profit and greed. Although psychosurgery is less common today, up to three hundred operations are still performed every year in the United States, including the notorious prefrontal lobotomy.

In spite of their sophisticated trappings of science, the brutality of ECT and psychosurgery verifies that psychiatry has not advanced beyond the cruelty and barbarism of its earliest treatments. This report has been written to help ensure that just as whipping, leeching and flogging are now unlawful, these “treatments” should be prohibited or prosecuted for the criminal assault they are.


Jan Eastgate
President, Citizens Commission
on Human Rights International


Are we, as United States Citizens, going to tolerate the torture and evils of modern psychiatry?  Stop turning your face from your children and believing in doctors!  Do the math!!!  These acts of EST, institutionalization and dangerous psychotropic medications are nothing short of CRIMINAL!

Teshuvah Road Ministries