Psychiatric Drugs Causing Paralysis of the Mind


Below is a brief piece from one of many organizations that may be of assistance to any of you who have been given psychiatric medications. Remember that psychiatric medications are never the answer unless a person is beyond control and belongs institutionalized or imprisoned. There are many other ways to deal with emotional problems…the best of which is talk therapy and, of course, embracing Yahweh God. If you are on any medications that are mentioned here or anywhere on this blog, please DO NOT STOP THESE MEDS ON YOUR OWN. YOU MUST GO TO A DOCTOR FOR MEDICALLY SUPERVISED DETOX IN A HOSPITAL SETTING. STOPPING THESE MEDS ON YOUR OWN CAN EASILY LEAD TO SEIZURES, STROKE, HEART ATTACK, ORGAN FAILURE AND SUDDEN DEATH.

The info below is taken from HERE.  The organization is

Human rights violations in the mental health system are a truly global emergency. Throughout the world, countless people are imprisoned in psychiatric institutions without adequate advocacy. There they endure solitary confinement, restraints, electroshock, experimentation, and more. Psychiatric labeling itself can lead to segregation, discrimination, and poverty.

Say “No” to Drug Bullying! MindFreedom supports choice in mental health care. Many of our members choose to take prescribed psychiatric drugs. Many others do not. We are united in saying “no” to human rights violations by psychiatric drugging. Drug companies often use fraud to promote their products. The public is sold a myth of a chemical imbalance. There is no scientific proof of a genetic or biological basis for any psychiatric diagnosis.

Drug companies hide the fact that their drugs can be harmful and can even kill. Studies show that common psychiatric drugs can have the opposite of their intended effect. For example, the drugs typically used in forced psychiatric drugging — neuroleptics — can cause structural brain damage.

These psychiatric human rights violations have now spread beyond institutions and into our communities. Today, most US states and many nations allow courts to order people to take psychiatric drugs against their will — even while living in their own homes! Since 1986 MindFreedom has won many campaigns for human rights in mental health.

MindFreedom unites a coalition of more than 100 groups and thousands of individuals in a spirit of mutual cooperation. While most of us are psychiatric survivors, we are open to all who support human rights including psychiatric professionals, advocates, family members, and the general public.

MindFreedom is one of very few totally independent groups in the mental health field with zero funding from the mental health system, governments, religious organizations, or drug companies. The United Nations has accredited MFI as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

Democracy must get hands-on with the mental health care system! And that begins with you!


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