So, you went to your doctor today…….

rx drug info5You had some pain…maybe a little anxiety…mood swings; your friendly doctor gives you a quick fix…a bottle or two of pills that will make it all better.  If you’re female, it’s a given that the pills were the very first offer to you.  You trust him or her so it’s a no questions asked deal.  You go home and can’t wait to swallow the pretty little pill to see what happens.  You realize it’s got that wow factor and it takes you away from whatever your complaint was.  You feel as though nothing could ever hurt you again.  It’s an amazing feeling of being up in the clouds and you realize that this is what you’ve been looking for all your life.

It’s about one or two weeks later and those sweet little pills just aren’t doing what they originally did.  You call your doctor for an appointment, only to find out that your dose will be increased so that you’re ‘comfortable’.  You go home and add the extra pill.  Hmmmmmm…it’s still not the same.  Back to the doctor again.  Now, he or she will add another pill to give the first one some oomph.  Wow!  That thrill is back, only it’s short lived.  Now what do you do?  It’s a no-brainer.  You’ll return for another visit.  This time, a third pill is added.  You go home to find out you’re feeling strange.  It’s getting difficult to move your bowels as well.  Something isn’t right and you don’t know what.  After all, your doctor can’t be doing you any harm because he or she took a do no harm oath.

After a few months, you find yourself taking all these pills just to keep from feeling really, really sick.  That’s call withdrawal and it’s from those sweet little pills given to you by your trusted doctor.  Could it be?  Yes it can!  You have a serious problem that will lead ultimately lead to serious health problems, not to mention leading to heart attack, stroke, seizures and death.  You’re so into this and numb that you just return to your doctor every month…month after month so that you don’t get drug sick.  Pain, anxiety, mood swings and other symptoms become more unmanageable than ever but you’re now addicted and refuse to realize it.  Your drug dealer is your doctor.

If this sounds like you, you need professional medically supervised detox.  Don’t know where to start?  I can help lead you to the right resources if you contact me.  Most will ignore your condition at this point.  Doctors can do harm and all too many do – in the name of greed, unethical work practices and a steady, secure and high income.  I’ve been there as a patient and nearly lost my life.  I ended up on my death bed 8 years ago…left to die by my wonderful trusted doctor.  I fooled him and lived…by the grace of God.  I lived to warn you about being wary of your doctor.  My message is to gain awareness about your body and what is done to you.  It’s your decision as to the medical treatments and medications that are offered to you.  Your doctor is not ‘god’; he or she is simply a person with an MD after their name.  Contact me at before this goes any further.

I welcome you to visit our ministry site, Teshuvah Road, to see what we’re doing to bring more and more awareness to this lethal type of addiction…along with all addictions.  Addiction is a very spiritual problem that demands a spiritual solution.


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